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The Benefits of Working
With Us

We handle everything from design to the finished product; there are many benefits you gain when working with qubeworX.

Project Management

Our in-house project managers are here to help you through your project from start to finish.

The client-focused design team provides an elevated customer experience. We ensure your projects are accurate, on-time, and cost-effective.

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We can provide our customers with the exact solution they need. Whether a design already exists, or there is a need for one, we are here to create the perfect solution.

We have the ability to provide control panel design services for our customers using AutoCAD software. It has a close integration with automated panel fabrication equipment, making it the CAD system of choice for the design of electrical control panels. Our engineers will utilize the software to design a control panel for any application.

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At qubeworX, we strive to produce a better product for our customers.

While we invite our customers to our shop to power up and test their control panels, we employ engineers on our staff to provide 100% panel check out prior to shipment. Our product is thoughtfully procured, mindfully laid-out and assembled, and quality checked and recorded to meet and exceed UL508A standards.

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Speed and Reliability

qubeworX understands that when you decide to out-source panel fabrication to a 3rd party company, you are placing your trust in a company that has direct impact with your end customer.

Your product quality is enhanced due to qubeworX’s investment in and use of automated control panel fabrication equipment. The company uses a Steinhauer Modification Center CNC milling machine to produce factory quality cut-outs directly from CAD drawings to our customer’s exacting specifications.

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Material Procurement and Cost Reduction

For customers that want to eliminate the aggravation of procuring material for their control panels, qubeworX employs an ERP system that provides for systematic parts ordering and inventory tracking.

Plus, qubeworX volume purchasing agreements with its suppliers may well provide you with a more cost-effective solution than if the components were ordered by you and shipped to our fabrication facility. To help reduce our customer’s costs, we provide valuable feedback to our customers of their control panel designs to offer more cost-effective substitute components or to help improve the manufacturability and thus reduces labor cost in the fabrication of their control panels.

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Continuous Improvement

Our team wants to provide our customers with the best possible product for their needs. That is why we are always asking for feedback on our panels and reviewing lessons learned.

We take a look at the product we produce and figure out a way to do it better. We strive to give our customers the best solutions on the market.

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Control Systems and Automated Solutions

Intellimodus, LLC is our sister company, located across the river in Louisville, KY. Founded in 1990, Intellimodus is a leader in designing and developing controls systems and industrial automated solutions.

The systems they create for airports, parcel delivery hubs, distribution centers, and manufacturing operations help customers move good and services more efficiently. Learn more about their expertise and how you can operate better tomorrow at www.intellimodus.com.

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